A downloadable asset pack

Have you ever wanted to create a stunning sidescroller platformer game in Stencyl and got stuck because you don’t yet have the knowledge to create the behaviors yourself? Then this Platformer Starter Kit is for you!

This demo version only contains the core mechanics such as running, jumping, camera follow and getting hit by an enemy. You can play a tech demo, and read about all its features on this page!

Install instructions

This kit was designed to use with the Stencyl game engine. Unpack the .rar file, and read the "read me" file to get started in no time!


Platformer Starter Kit Free.rar 1 MB


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it won't download, i press download and nothing happens

When I look at my stats you have downloaded it 6 times. What browser are you using?

google chrome, but i think , my pc was slow so i think i fixed it now